Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I have thought a lot lately about seasons. Seasons of life. The "new normal" as it has been tagged. Today is Ash Wednesday. Rather than giving something up for Lent I have decided to take something on. With as little time as I feel I have, this could seem foolish. Perhaps it is. However beginning in April my family will be entering a new season of life as my husband begins his journey through nursing school. I'm not looking forward to that normal.

So I take Lent as a season of preparation. My desire is not only to be actively learning during this time, but to share what I am learning and the blessings that come through my everyday life and lessons. I challenge myself to read the Word and blog daily, to not despise myself when I fail, to share with others the blessings God is showing me during this season of preparation, to encourage others to share their stories as well, and above all else to praise God for His faithfulness, provision and love.

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