Thursday, March 19, 2009


I enjoyed one of those evenings I am saddened to see end - due to the anticipation that led up to it, the joy in living it, and the realization that once over it would be but a memory. Just seven short hours of my life that began with dinner and ended with a kiss. I got to dress up, eat out, enjoy conversation with Paul, and great seats at the theatre. But as is typical of The Phantom of the Opera, the mask is illuminated, the music fades, and the curtain falls; as applause erupts, the thought once again crosses my mind: "It always ends too soon."

Hope and excitement are wondrous things, but the expected eventually comes and while it took ages to get here, passes by in what seems an instant, making way for yet another age to come. All I can do is have fun with the anticipation, enjoy the moments I am living as I live them, and remember fondly the "days gone by," praising God with each new morning and thanking Him for special evenings, even if (and perhaps especially if) they leave me with a touch of longing.

tear-filled joy

Getting ready to blog on my wonderful Tuesday evening, I was double checking to make sure I'd never blogged on my thoughts of the Phantom of the Opera before. As I was doing so I ran across this post about my experience in Nigeria over 2 years ago. Reading it brought tears to my eyes.

I have often said this time of year will never pass without my thinking of that trip. As our 2009 team prepares to head out tomorrow morning, my heart aches to go. All the more now that I've read my entry of so many months ago. I am glad of the memories, glad of the experiences, and pray that the Lord will work mightily not only in those leaving tomorrow, but in the lives of those they go to see and of those of us they leave behind.

Godspeed Southern Gables Nigeria Team 2009!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Feeling a little left out,
Carey decided to upload
a clock to her blog too.