Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I still believe

cancer. death. famine. no water. earthquakes. school shootings.

heard this lyric play on my computer after I read of yet another person's suffering:

"I still believe in Your faithfulness"*

and I do.

*I Still Believe by Jeremy Camp

Friday, February 12, 2010

Over so quickly

So much preparation for something over so quickly. I wore the dress once, ate one slice of the cake, smiled a lot of smiles; we didn't exit the ceremony as we'd planned, didn't dance nearly enough...but in spite of all the planning and all the dreaming, it happened as it was supposed to. It was perfect. Yet it was over so quickly.

What of life?

Over so quickly.... But not.

This week I lost someone very important to me. I don't think she knew how much. And when I think back on who she was and the few short years I truly knew her, I relearn a much needed lesson: THIS life is so much preparation for something that NEVER ends: eternity.