Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Blogger

I really wish you would be so kind and invent something that could read my mind and blog for me every time I think the words "Oh, I should blog about that." It would, of course, have to be able to adjust to the writing style of the user and glean an entire blog, well written and constructed. If you could begin working on this, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.


Carey B. Cecil
the woman who really wants to blog

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December, Everyone!

So October and November have passed without a single word on my blog. So tragic. Truth be told there are a lot of blogs I have thought of writing and so little time to write them. Getting engaged as I did on October 2, 2009, I've been a mite busy! Paul and I have successfully planned 90% of this wedding. Most of the decisions have been made and things are progressing quite nicely. But unfortunately this has had its share of casualties.

I am tired of thinking. Tired of lists. Tired of rehashing everything I've ever done and will ever need to get done. I want to sit still and let life happen instead of trying to make sure it all happens without a hitch. School is barreling towards completion (for at least the next 8 months), and I'm getting ready to take on an additional 16 hours of work and the secretarial duties of a whole new ministry at work. Meanwhile I'm trying to keep meat on my bones and a smile on my lips. The latter does not prove difficult, thankfully. I have wonderful friends and family. Paul is incredible, and my God is ever-present, faithful, and loving. Of what do I have to complain?