Monday, February 27, 2012


I am reminded of my inability to communicate my desires well. Typically I would like my husband to plan dates without being asked, to help with dinner just to spend a little more time with me without being asked, to acknowledge my greatness and self-sacrifice without being asked :/


You notice the pattern: I don't want to ask. Why not? Does asking truly make it less special? No, the not asking just frustrates him and leaves me hurt that he didn't miraculously do what I wanted.

Of course the more savvy among you also noticed my real issue: I think I am great and self-sacrificing. Pride: the thorn in my side. I must acknowledge the Lord's work in and through me and work to respect my husband and serve him. This is especially important as we head into a period of our life together when we won't see a lot of each other and how we feel and what we need must be clearly communicated.

There is a book out about the love languages, but how do men feel respected? I can't be 100% sure, but I believe one way my husband does is to be heard out and let his ideas have a chance before they are dismissed. This may not extend to bungee jumping at the moment, but still he has a point.

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