Sunday, October 31, 2010

Restaurant Row

I have issues with food. It's true. I have certain things I can't eat and certain things I won't eat and certain things I "absolutely have to have." There are times all I want to do is eat "like everyone else," especially when there's a gathering of people and it's just easier to order pizza or grab sandwiches. For me to eat costs extra and takes extra effort. Most of the time I don't mind. Other times it's all I can do to keep from flipping out and eating everything I'm not supposed to.

Thursday I was having a bad food day. Then I had a thought. I am blessed to have these food issues. Why? Because it shows I have a choice about what I eat. Most people don't have that luxury. If I can't eat something at one restaurant, I have fifty others to choose from.

I have to be thankful for my food issues because they remind me of the blessings I have living in America. It's amazing that we live in a nation where deciding what to eat takes half an hour because we have so much to choose from. Humbling. Kind of disgusting. Gives me something to chew on the next time I slam the refrigerator door shut and mutter, "there's nothing to eat."

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Found: Lots and lots of time

Note: I began this post on July 21st and find that it is very applicable to my life in the here and now and so I have chosen to actually publish it today, not as a July post.

Amazing how often we "don't have time" for some things and yet we get other things done in record time.

When we are determined, suddenly there is time! Loads of it. We find it in the morning, in the evening, between meals, over the lunch break, before bed, during a favorite program that we decide to DVR or catch online, the list goes on. It doesn't matter when we find the time, only that we do! We are determined, so there must be time!

On the other hand we're always running out of time for those things we don't really care about or don't want to do. Seems I never have enough time to wash the dishes or put the camping gear away, or even do my homework. Exercise? What's that? Tragically, reading my Bible always seems to make that list. But when it comes to deciding that I want to blog every week, write one sibling set each week, my grandmother each Sunday, and get my book finished (at least a draft) by the new year, I wonder to myself, will I have time?

You bet. Because there's always time, it's simply a matter of choices. Each morning I wake up I have a choice: heed the alarm or sleep through it. And that is followed by choice after choice after choice. I pray for the strength to make the right ones.

The last of the season...

Alas. October is nearing its end. Last night I finished the last of the mellowcreme pumpkins. It's a sad addiction. One that lasts me only part of September and all of October. I hate it. I eat them and feel my teeth rotting in my mouth, I can't eat more than four or five before I need a gallon of water to purge my system of the poison I can feel permeating everything. And yet I love them. I ate the last one last night and thought, "Oh, how sad. I want some more." But I refuse to buy any more! No! October is complete! I can now look towards healthier living! Real pumpkin and smoothies and water and veggies! Oatmeal and stews! It is definitely fall (has been for over a month now - to think I haven't blogged since August! Agast!), and I have so many recipes I have been waiting for this splendid season to try!

So fare you well, mellowcreme pumpkins! I hope I can resist you next year!