Monday, October 17, 2011

A month of lessons

Things I've learned in the past month:

1. Pacifiers can be necessary
2. Sleep is a gift
3. There is more than one way to hold an eating baby
4. Birthdays are no longer just about me
5. I am more interested in baby toys than a newborn is
6. My husband is amazing (and really smart)
7. Newborn smiles may be unintended, but they are awesome
8. Girl=Pink (there's no way out of it)
9. I will eat sugar for breakfast if I'm not careful
10. What goes in must come out and out and out...
11. Go to the bathroom before you start feeding
12. The Itzbeen timer is awesome!
13. I love fluffy things
14. I now know what a small load of laundry actually looks like
15. The sun is a happy thing
16. Alice in Wonderland is a random book, ends abruptly and makes no sense
17. It is possible to feel as though you have completely disappeared
18. Everything must be scheduled, including showers and meals
19. Getting somewhere at a certain time is dependent upon staying conscious after a certain feeding, rather than going back to bed
20. There are times I'd rather stay up all night on purpose than be woken up after a mere 60 minutes of sleep

1 comment:

  1. I had to laugh at some of the things on your list. Only another mom understands things like going to the bathroom before starting to feed, it's nice to read.