Monday, March 29, 2010

Missing childhood...

Things I miss:
  • crying without need to explain (even to myself)
  • the lack of fear that had me scurrying up trees and skating down steep hills with nary a care
  • finding joy in the simple things, like my rock collection... Yeah, that simple.
  • always knowing I was the greatest writer - even when everything I wrote wasn't worth the paper I put it on (trust me)
  • knowing what I wanted to be and believing with everything I had that it would happen - even when it changed every day, week, year, whatever, it was POSSIBLE and it was happening!
  • my imagination
  • choir
  • acting
  • sign language
  • England
  • pizza on Friday nights
  • pizza!
  • reading for hours on end
  • sleep

Friday, March 12, 2010


"What is truth?"

Pilate wanted to know (Jn 18:38). So do many of us.

This is what I see:
  • Jesus said to His Father, "Your word is truth" (Jn 17:17).
  • Jesus said "I tell you the truth" 78 times in the Gospels. Thirty of those are in Matthew alone.

Pilate looked Truth in the face. Still he did not recognize it.