Friday, September 25, 2009

Lunch anyone?

I have discovered a negative side effect of having a European schedule (at least a European dining schedule) ingrained in my system. That is when all of my co-workers are at lunch, I'm still working. Not normally a problem, of course, I take my lunch at 2, this is not a complaint, but sometimes it is an inconvenience. My brain simply works differently. I'm doing my work and think of things I need to go downstairs for, so I go, not even thinking of the time, and they aren't there. They're at lunch.

Today this is particularly inconvenient because once they get back from lunch I'm supposed to be on phones, but I didn't think to get the business CC from my boss before she left for lunch and so I haven't had a chance to run an errand I need to run before I leave on vacation! Sigh. Alas, there's the rub. But it will all work out; meanwhile I ate lunch, so now I'm going to be hungry at 3:30!! There's simply no winning, I suppose.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Plasma Jesus

"Okay, people today we're playing Halo in order to illustrate how you need to share the Gospel. Notice the plasma grenade, when you throw it at someone it sticks! This is how we need to be with the Gospel. We need to make it sticky, people! Throw it at them in such a way that they can't shake it off!"

I came up with this when joking around about using video games to teach JH students.

Did you hear about...? Oh, yes, I read about it on facebook!

Today I found out that it may snow tonight and tomorrow. I am particularly distressed by this news because it is my birthday and I would rather it be 55 degrees, rainy with a patch or two of sun, a nice fire, some hot cocoa, a good book and even better company. But alas, it is not to be so.

That said, I was so annoyed at this discovery I wanted to update my facebook status immediately. But I forgot my phone today, and I was away from my desk when I thought of it. And then something truly strange happened. I was asked by the teller at the bank how my day was going, and I was able to share with her what I had heard about the weather. Then we chatted about the actual possibility and how we weren't truly ready for the winter coats to be hauled out of storage, etc. Some of her co-workers chimed in and we had a nice chat.

Imagine that. I talked to humans. Now obviously I am not against technology, hence I am updating all of you at once via this blog about my experience today, and I do talk to my friends on a fairly regular basis, but I do sometimes wonder at the fact that I spend so much time updating facebook and then never talk about what I say there in person with anyone. I feel I'm losing my ability to communicate! Or maybe I'm just over-reacting. I'll never really know because I'll never talk to anyone about it, and it will remain this unanswered question floating out there in the world of little 1's and 0's.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm a bit Nosey

I would like you all to meet Nosey.
Isn't she beautiful? This is an artist's depiction of me at the age of 20. Notice the whisper thin eyebrows and bedazzled teeth. Now you may have noticed this is a caricature of yours truly, not a true depiction; I share this with you for a reason. At the age of 20, I thought my nose really was that big - okay not truly, but I did not find that he had exaggerated it as a feature erroneously, as my best friend thought. I had a BIG nose, and I knew it.

Over the years my nose has shrunk, not because of some spell or some rubbing solution, but because I stopped saying it was overly large and over time I stop noticing it to be overly large. Now I find my nose to be in perfect proportion to the rest of my face.

I find this to be an interesting lesson in perspectives - we can see flaws in ourselves that are far from such. I also find it a good reminder not to speak aloud false beliefs about ourselves, as eventually they become truths in our minds and hearts, and some of them aren't so innocent as one thinking one's nose to be a bit large.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The age of digital laziness

I am lazy when I read clocks. I never remember what the time actually said when I looked! I have devised that this is due to the lack of effort that must go into my comprehending the time when I look at a few bright numbers that, once in my head can become anything, the number of bananas I've eaten in my lifetime, the number of times I say "it occurred to me" on any given day, etc., as opposed to working out the time from a traditional analog clock, something that works both the left and right sides of my brain. I'm not merely looking at numbers, but at the hands pointing at those numbers, which hand is pointing at which number, etc. I actually haven't tested this theory, I just know that when I look at a digital clock, I won't really be able to tell you the time until I look again, and then it's probably changed!