Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm a bit Nosey

I would like you all to meet Nosey.
Isn't she beautiful? This is an artist's depiction of me at the age of 20. Notice the whisper thin eyebrows and bedazzled teeth. Now you may have noticed this is a caricature of yours truly, not a true depiction; I share this with you for a reason. At the age of 20, I thought my nose really was that big - okay not truly, but I did not find that he had exaggerated it as a feature erroneously, as my best friend thought. I had a BIG nose, and I knew it.

Over the years my nose has shrunk, not because of some spell or some rubbing solution, but because I stopped saying it was overly large and over time I stop noticing it to be overly large. Now I find my nose to be in perfect proportion to the rest of my face.

I find this to be an interesting lesson in perspectives - we can see flaws in ourselves that are far from such. I also find it a good reminder not to speak aloud false beliefs about ourselves, as eventually they become truths in our minds and hearts, and some of them aren't so innocent as one thinking one's nose to be a bit large.

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