Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Did you hear about...? Oh, yes, I read about it on facebook!

Today I found out that it may snow tonight and tomorrow. I am particularly distressed by this news because it is my birthday and I would rather it be 55 degrees, rainy with a patch or two of sun, a nice fire, some hot cocoa, a good book and even better company. But alas, it is not to be so.

That said, I was so annoyed at this discovery I wanted to update my facebook status immediately. But I forgot my phone today, and I was away from my desk when I thought of it. And then something truly strange happened. I was asked by the teller at the bank how my day was going, and I was able to share with her what I had heard about the weather. Then we chatted about the actual possibility and how we weren't truly ready for the winter coats to be hauled out of storage, etc. Some of her co-workers chimed in and we had a nice chat.

Imagine that. I talked to humans. Now obviously I am not against technology, hence I am updating all of you at once via this blog about my experience today, and I do talk to my friends on a fairly regular basis, but I do sometimes wonder at the fact that I spend so much time updating facebook and then never talk about what I say there in person with anyone. I feel I'm losing my ability to communicate! Or maybe I'm just over-reacting. I'll never really know because I'll never talk to anyone about it, and it will remain this unanswered question floating out there in the world of little 1's and 0's.

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