Friday, July 11, 2008

Salt Lake City - After (it's a long one!)

You are here... help the hurting encounter Christ lead.

What an amazing week! To be honest, I'm still kind of shocked it's over (though we returned a week ago). I wish I hadn't wasted Sunday and Monday struggling with my own attitude, but I awoke Tuesday with renewed energy and joy at being in Salt Lake City. Praise God that I was able to get past myself at least a little and be fully there. It was a blessing and a privilege to hear the students process this week and all they heard. We got to spend time Tuesday night with my former youth pastor and hear his charge to our students. Wednesday night Kelly and I got to hear the girls process an incredible presentation on leadership! Seriously, it was incredible!

I am so excited to see what happens not only in the ministry I serve in at large but also in my own life and leadership! One thing I was reminded of this week was that God is bigger - than anything I could ever fear or worry about or wonder about or get stressed over. When something seems too big all I need to do is take a deep breath, remember He is bigger, He is in control, and take it all one step at a time.

Some thoughts and questions I boxed while taking notes:
  • Where does your passion lie?
  • (Rev. 4) How do you see God?
  • (Acts 16:11-34) Show the Gospel by our radical generosity, inexplicable love, and our possession of radical joy in the midst of hardship and persecution.
  • Valuing something more than life itself - that is what we worship.
  • The love of Christ compels me...
  • Where is your heart, your home?
  • (John 4) What things do you rely on to make you happy? - Where do you seek fulfillment? - God is the only source for joy, love, fulfillment.
  • Spend time with God.
  • When headed somewhere you aren't quite sure how God can use you - ask Him why, be open to whatever He might have for you in that place.
  • It's about surrender - you and God.
  • (Dan 3) What are you willing to give up? That shows the value you put on God.
  • What you focus on expands.
  • Be a river flowing, not a flood destroying (Pr. 29:18)
  • Remember the iceberg - your character is the 90% below the surface and it will always be the part that sinks the ship (Lk 6)
  • Your greatest value is what is inside (2 Cor 5:17)
  • Light a candle, don't curse the darkness.
  • Why are we embarrassed by Jesus?
  • Count the cost.
  • Love people - listen to them.
  • God is with you
  • Pray for opportunity
  • What God starts, God provides the resources to finish.

This isn't even everything. It's years of life lessons crammed into one week. Good reminders, new lessons, challenges and promises. I can count the cost, seek God, serve Him, live for Him, love and be a fool for Him - He is bigger, He is the only one that will never fail me, and He is reaching out to this generation, to every generation, to stand up and fight against the world, one soul at a time. Me first.

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