Friday, July 11, 2008

An experience...

Meet Mathabo. She is a young girl living in Lesotho (in Africa). Her life and story was the one I entered into at the World Vision Experience. It was an incredible walking exhibit, one that attempted to submerge you in the world of a child affected by AIDS through different rooms and an audio tour. You are introduced to one of 4 children, shown their home, pictures of them and the people in their life, hear how AIDS directly affected them. It was a powerful feeling to hear their voices and see their faces.

To sit by the bed of Mathabo's mother and look up to see her aching face on the wall above the bed while listening to Mathabo encourage her to get better.

We sat in a clinic waiting for the result of our AIDS test, sounds of crying babies and coughing neighbors filled our ears until we were finally called. After hearing the rest of Mathabo's story we were lead into a chapel. This, I think, impacted me most. Staring into the beautiful faces, picture after picture, some of them with the red + that denoted your test was positive stamped over their faces.

When faced with something so big - so many children fighting against something so deadly - how do we respond? I hardly know. I know I can pray. God is bigger - it's so simple, the word barely doing a proper job, but I confess I can't think of a better.

Pictures from World Vision Experience: AIDS. The exhibit exists to raise awareness. World Vision's HopeChild sponsorship program is specifically for children directly affected by AIDS.

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