Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Keyboard shortcuts

My very dear boyfriend taught me sometime ago a simple trick I thought I would never use. Instead of typing in an entire web address, you can just type in the primary word, for example "blogger" and then hit ctrl-enter and viola! www.blogger.com is instantly entered and away you go! Well, yesterday I was attempting to do this (I use it all the time now), and I accidentally hit the shift key instead of control (sometimes I type a little too fast). Suddenly I was searching for istockphoto.net not istockphoto.com! Ooh, I thought, what if I could find a shortcut for .org as well....

Ladies and gentlemen I never knew it was possible, but yes, you can hit control-shift-enter and viola! any .org address is complete. I was so excited, I simply had to share it with both of you!

I can hardly wait to get home and see if the same is possible on my Mac!


  1. Or you could just use firefox, type blogger into the url spot, and voila! it does it for you without the extra ctrl+shift stuff.

    I'm just saying ...


  2. Woah! I didn't know that! Of course it doesn't always work...I just tested it quite a bit, but that is pretty slick! I DO use Firefox and I always love learning new things :o)