Friday, June 17, 2011

Lake Powell

**I just found this post I wrote over a year ago about our trip to Lake Powell. Thought it should be posted!**

What a trip! In September/October of 2009 Paul and I joined two other couples on a camping adventure to Lake Powell! Our first stop was eventually christened "The Mars Site" because of all the red sand and HEAT. We stayed only one night before heading south.
We had to cross the lake (see picture above) to get to the road we needed to take. It was aday-long trip, but so very worth it when we found a Safeway (with affordable food), and a wonderful camping spot on the beach!
This is a view from our drive (above). This road was crazy!Sunrise from the tent I shared with Clinton and Pahtyana at our beach campsite. Twelve hours later the winds came. And they never went away. We spent another night (getting buffetted by wind and sand even in our sleep), but the next morning, when all seemed to be calming down, they got worse. Below is a picture of our site during the windstorm. We found out later that there were gusts of up to 60 mph. We packed in record time, found a hotel room (well, two, actually, one for the boys and one for the girls), and got breakfast. The great thing was, we were all still smiling and laughing.The next morning (after the guys emptied our stuff of sand and the girls reorganized all our food and miscellaneous stuff), we picked up our boat (below) and headed out onto the lake for the next three days and two nights.We did some exploring the first day and then found a campsite. We ate on the boat that night,which was good and bad. Good because it turned out we couldn't get a fire going once we got onto the land, and bad because by the time we tried to get to land it was dark and we couldn't pull in any closer to shore with no light. The guys ended up walking us to shore with us standing on their shoulders!The next day we explored the lake. Drove in and out of canyons, swam some, enjoyed good company, beautiful weather, and even found our windy beach site from the water!!! The boys treated us to dinner at a restaurant that evening (see above), and we had a sunset dinnercruise!! It was such a treat!We started talking about all the places we wanted to go. The six of us travel so well together, we should find more trips to take! So we "proposed" different options and enjoyed a delicious meal. Then Paul announced he had one last proposal before we headed back to camp.Carey Britton Cecil, will you marry me? Between me and Pahtyana, apparently all the oxygen in the area was used up. I said yes (of course!) and we beat feeted it (is that a word?) backto camp (in the dark), found it (praise Jesus), and had a campfire (bought firewood)! It was a wonderful day.Our last day we played some water sports. I even went tubing - behind a speedboat! Not without Paul, though :o) and I left my diamond with Pahtyana (see above, my best friend). Itwas really scary - well, jumping into the really deep water was (even with a life jacket), but I got there...eventually :o) Praise the Lord that my Love is patient with me!!!
It was truly an adventure! Culminated in a long overnight drive back (we had a one-year-old with us, did I mention that?), cleaning up really quick, and going to church to share our exciting news! Set the date for January 30th, a mere 4 months after we got engaged!

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