Friday, June 17, 2011


**Just found this post about our Honeymoon I wrote over a year ago.... Not sure why all these posts are drafts. Figure it's about time to get them up!**

The morning after the wedding Paul and I got up quite early and caught a flight to Dallas/Ft. Worth and then on to Jamaica. The flights, connections, getting our luggage and the drive to our Sandals resort, all went very smoothly.

Our first night in Jamaica we had dinner on the beach and saw some fun performers. We learned how to dance reggae style.
This man balanced all sorts of things on his forehead. There was another man who did the limbo under a board of fire, some reggae bands, and lots of tasty food!!!

Speaking of food, here is one of our favorite treats while in Jamaica, Cajun style fries. YUM! I make them all the time now. So tasty tasty.

We spent a lot of time on the beach. Above is a picture of our friend Duckie, the fiddler crab. All the food was marvelous in our Italian-themed resort (see below).

Our favorite memory of the trip is the day we got off the resort. We took a jeep tour that took us to Dunns River Falls, where we climbed up the falls (with hundreds of others), and then the tour took us inland.

We went through a number of villages. We learned about coffee harvesting (Blue Mountain Coffee is their famous brew - Paul loved it!). It is a very long and involved process!!

We stopped and had a snack of fresh fruits on top of one of the peaks which overlooked quite a bit of the mountain range.

We went to the highest point in the region and could have seen Cuba had the day not been so hazy.

After a wonderfully relaxing week, we headed back home. We got to the airport quite early due to lack of shuttles around our needed time.

Jamaica is a beautiful and poor nation. I was humbled by the rows of shacks lined up next to acres of resort. Without tourism the island's situation would be even more desperate. Everyone we met were very nice and hospitable. We often heard "No problem man" and "Ya man" and found out that "man" is a term of respect. The most important thing to remember is this: in Jamaica you may have a situation, but never a problem. A situation, you see, can be fixed, but not a problem, so there is "No problem!"

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