Friday, January 16, 2009

Some thoughts

So looking at my budget today I realize that saving for something important but not vital (like a trip to Hawai'i) is tough on a tight budget. I was hoping to go in March after this madness called my life calms a bit, but I think it might have to wait until next year and then it seems like I should just wait until May of next year when I've finished all my math prereqs! Still hopeful, but also mindful of the savings account, you know...

I find calling people (who are paid to answer questions) makes finding the answer to a question a much quicker process!

I discovered (or re-discovered?) yesterday that I enjoy problem solving. Almost too much. (Though this isn't only a math-motivated enjoyment, I calculated - with Paul's help - that our 8 foot table that holds my dad's HO railroad is less than 1/7 of a mile in "their" world. You can ask Paul, I tried to figure this out almost all the way through dinner. It plagued me - and consequently him, too. Sorry!) **On a side note I think my parents need 2 things to make their railroad just the coolest ever! Rock climbers on their mountain and an archaeological dig on the outskirts of town!!!!!**

While talking to Paul last night I had a realization about our perception of humanity. All of Anthropology is based on the theory (or hypothesis) that mankind evolved as did intelligence, language and the written word. We believe mankind was created with intelligence. Therefore what do we believe about language and the written word? Clearly language evolves. Even today there are things we say they never had 10, 20, 30 years ago. I read Middle English aloud to understand it and Old English is foreign, but it's English. So at the Tower of Babel all these languages (the predecessors of our current tongues) were born. When did the written word evolve? By the time of Moses it exists - Pharaohs long had a written language, did the descendants of Abraham? or did they utilize hieroglyphics to develop their own after they moved to Egypt? I find myself intrigued. Perhaps one of you reading this knows the answer, esp. those of you who have studied Hebrew?

I had a thought earlier today that I thought would be so clever to share here...can't for the life of me remember what it was. My brain dumps unimportant information, I guess (along with the important) so you can rest assured it wasn't that important!

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