Monday, January 19, 2009

M.R.E. anyone?

So I have a quandary. I need to find food I can take with me to campus that doesn't require refrigeration or heating. I eat a lot and I can't eat fast food and I don't have much money. So one thought I had was a standard issue Meal Ready to Eat! Primary problem is no hot water to re-hydrate them with. That and I can't imagine they're that tasty! Although I've heard that's not true. I did look at camping food (pricey much?) but most of that has cheese in some form within its plastic bagged limits.

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  1. Check out or just google "bento" and see what comes up. You may have to do a little wading as some of these folks go crazy with their bento stuff, but you'll find tips on food safety and ideas for all sorts of no-heating-necessary lunches. Plus, they're pretty. ;)