Monday, April 14, 2008

My "crap" day

It lasted all of 30 minutes.

My day started out beautifully. The weather was gorgeous, I was in a skirt, I knew what I was eating for lunch. I was happy. I was looking forward to the sunshine at lunchtime and an evening tentatively planned. Then my plans got "canceled" (how can you cancel plans you didn't make?), and things at my job got irritating, and I had two meetings to go to, and I wasn't going to be home until 9, and I suddenly heard myself saying: "today is just a bad day."

I took time to complain about it to a friend on the phone when she called for other reasons, and I realized when I hung up with her that all I was basing my "crappy" day on was my attitude. That was all that had really changed. I truly had nothing to complain about. I was disappointed about my altered evening plans, but there was nothing I could do.

When my day suddenly became "bad", the sun was out and the air was warm, I was getting things done, I was preparing to eat my favorite meal. Things were only bad because I was choosing to be upset. So I made another decision: I snapped out of it. Who wants to have a "crap" day when there are so many nice days to be had? And the sun was still shining.

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