Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In Honor of Administrative Professionals Day...

You know you're a secretary when...
  1. You see a page of labels and immediately wonder what their Avery # is.
  2. You get really excited about pads of blank paper.
  3. You eat your lunch in double-time, usually at your desk.
  4. You sing because you found extra little plastic tabbies for hanging file folders.
  5. You go super-nova because someone moved your pen.
  6. You get super-excited about a database that can track not only attendance and birthdays but who is going on which retreat and how much they owe you.
  7. You are as sweet as can be on the phone but curse like a sailor at the copier machine.
  8. You have some form of edible substance (food, drink, or candy) in your desk drawer, on your desk, or somewhere close by.
  9. You have a really big calendar covered in to-dos.
  10. You get served breakfast one Wednesday in April just for showing up to work every day and doing what they tell you to.
What's a girl to do?

Addition: from my friend Christy:
"You know you're a secretary when you are more protective of your masking tape and scissors than your best friend."


  1. Very cute! And I can identify with everything on your list. :)

  2. It surprises me that they even have this day because most of the people that need administrative assistants need one to help them remember there is such a day.