Saturday, December 22, 2007

Snow driving

For those of you who do not know, I have long been an advocate of no snow. This is true for one reason: I dislike driving in the snow. If I can be snuggled up under a blanket, in front of a fire, reading a book, watching a movie, or talking with a dear friend, I have nothing against snow. I enjoy watching it fall and listening to the stillness of a fresh blanket of snow. There is nothing like a snowy Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. But put me in a car or in a situation where I know I will have to drive in it on slick roads, and I'm not such a fan.

Two weeks ago I was with my boyfriend headed for Thornton. We were going to a dear friend's house for a celebration. But the snow was not only getting worse, the roads were atrocious. So we got to I-25 and Colfax and turned around. I was driving. By the time we got back to Paul's, I was still not so comfortable, but I knew something I had never let myself know before: I can drive in the snow.

Thanks to that day and to Paul's wonderfully calm demeanor and non-chalantness concerning snow-driving, I now have a growing confidence in my ability to drive in the snow and on not-so-nice streets. But, of course, I still have my limit. One does not want to be unsafe, and I will always enjoy being indoors when I can be, watching the beauty blanket the earth, but I am glad of my new-found confidence. Suddenly winter isn't so long or so scary.

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