Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Back from Vacation

We have returned! I cannot tell you when I have enjoyed a week more! (So much so I am still adjusting to being back!) We relaxed and saw some sites and simply enjoyed life! There is not enough time in what became barely 2 days to see everything one wants to see in D.C. - I doubt a week would be enough! Paul and I sat and talked and enjoyed the sun and watched movies and didn't finish a crossword and walked and walked and went to Target and walked. We took the train into D.C., we walked through historic downtown Fredericksburg, and we drove to NC to see my great aunt and uncle. It was a blessing to my soul to see them both. Our last day we stayed with friends of Paul's family and played pool and enjoyed good company. They are a wonderful family! I felt very honored by their hospitality. I am thankful for the rest and the fun I was able to have this week. I told you to look forward to pictures! So here are a few.
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Day One - this was our first stop.

Paul and myself with some old friends.

The shirt says "No! We're not there yet!"

My mom bought it for our 8.5 hour drive :o)


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  1. Welcome home! And thanks for the e-card for my birthday! I look forward to seeing you very soon.