Monday, August 13, 2007

The English Language

It is fascinating to me how languages evolve. Words such as "limousine" and "videotape" did not exist a century ago. Even "peanut butter" and "vitamin" are relatively new words when compared with the historical expanse of the English language. "Blog" is a word that claims even more infantile status.

It is a shortened form of "Weblog" which is an online diary or a personal "log" on the web. I wonder if James T. Kirk's Captain's Logs were called clogs. Ooh, interesting fact: "Joe Bloggs" is not a complete sentence, it is the slang term for "any hypothetical person" in the UK.

Well, all of this to say that I am now blogging. Don't be surprised if it doesn't happen often, but I thought it could be fun. After all, I am a writer.

Oh, and may I just say that it is quite easy to source something from because they give you the info in three formats!

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. I look forward to hearing from you. Although to some, blogging is a pretty impersonal form of communication, for those of us overseas, it's a wonderful way to stay in touch with those we care about.

  2. Blogs, websites. . . .
    What will we do next?
    Love Ya!