Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Day in the Life...

As my diet (a word which here means "the foods eaten, as by a particular person") completely changes from what it has been my entire life, I would like to share with you A Typical Day in the Life of Carey's Stomach (i.e. today - which is a little off because I get to sleep in a bit on Thursdays)

: (8 a.m.) a bowl of cereal and then a walk (9 a.m.) 2 eggs w/ turkey and spinach, a turkey sausage patty, and 1 buckwheat blueberry pancake.
Snack: (2 hours after brkfst if I remember to eat it on time) an apple
Lunch: (should be around 2 hours after that, but usually it's 1 or 2 by the time I get myself away from my desk) black beans, rice, salsa, and avacado dip with rice tortilla chips (yum)
Snack: (2 or 3 hours after lunch) more fruit or a veggie
Snack: (about 5 minutes before dinner because my metabolism is going nuts!) a bowl of cereal or a handful of almonds
Dinner: (6:30) Last night I had a chicken dish over rice that Mom made, tonight it's burgers
Snack: (9:30) fruit if I haven't had too much, veggie if I have, cereal if I want something crunchy that isn't vegetable-based, almonds if I'm lazy
Late Night Snack: (midnight) - for those nights I'm up too late ;) - whatever I can find that I'm allowed to eat if I remember to grab something, otherwise, I don't have anything and go to bed rather hungry.

I think I'm turning into a Hobbit...only I have 64 oz of water a day, not ale :)

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