Sunday, September 25, 2011

A new day will dawn

My baby will be ten days old today. On one hand I can hardly believe it; on the other hand it has been a long ten days. As predicted I had no way of perceiving what lay ahead of Paul and me. A baby changes everything, but I couldn't really know how until I had one. Even with her here, each day is unique unto itself and the nights unique to themselves, and as she grows, everything will continue to change.

So much for "typical daily life."

I have learned a lot about myself the past ten days. Granted my hormones haven't quite settled yet and because of that I do weep over simple things and even joyful or silly things. I am a busy person. When my baby sleeps - a time I am supposed to sleep - I find I am showering, eating or reading or watching TV. Granted the last two could be stopped. Someday she will be more alert and to watch as much TV as we have been will be neglectful because we should be paying attention to her!

One thing that has been true of me that I have re-learned is how much I love the sun. Not just sitting in it or the reality of it, but the LIGHT it gives makes me feel more capable of facing any new adventure. I think that is why I count nights on vacation and why with V I count down the hours and the potential feedings until dawn.

I need to remember that Christ is all the light I need - the world can seem dark even in the daytime, but Christ is an ever-present source of Light and hope. He gives me the strength to face each day, each new adventure, every sleepless night. His is with us and will be with us through all the twists and turns of raising a child up in the Truth.

As each new day dawns and every night approaches, these truths remain: I serve a loving, faithful, just God whom I can trust. He knows me; He knows Paul; He knows V. He will guide us every step of the way in His path, to His purposes, for His glory alone.

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