Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Found: Lots and lots of time

Note: I began this post on July 21st and find that it is very applicable to my life in the here and now and so I have chosen to actually publish it today, not as a July post.

Amazing how often we "don't have time" for some things and yet we get other things done in record time.

When we are determined, suddenly there is time! Loads of it. We find it in the morning, in the evening, between meals, over the lunch break, before bed, during a favorite program that we decide to DVR or catch online, the list goes on. It doesn't matter when we find the time, only that we do! We are determined, so there must be time!

On the other hand we're always running out of time for those things we don't really care about or don't want to do. Seems I never have enough time to wash the dishes or put the camping gear away, or even do my homework. Exercise? What's that? Tragically, reading my Bible always seems to make that list. But when it comes to deciding that I want to blog every week, write one sibling set each week, my grandmother each Sunday, and get my book finished (at least a draft) by the new year, I wonder to myself, will I have time?

You bet. Because there's always time, it's simply a matter of choices. Each morning I wake up I have a choice: heed the alarm or sleep through it. And that is followed by choice after choice after choice. I pray for the strength to make the right ones.


  1. A 'Wake Up Call' for me, Darling Daughter. Thank You. MoM~

  2. I learned this a few years ago when I transitioned into running my own business. I was working 80 hours a week and to make it through I found time to go to the gym and read more than normal.

    Until then I always said I "didn't have time" for stuff I found time for when I had less time.

    I call my friends out on that now: Don't say you don't have time, that's dishonest. Just say it's a lower priority than everything you used your time for.

    This perspective has helped me re-think my priorities as they are revealed in everything I spend my time on. Should watching TV or surfing Facebook really be more important than building relationships?

    There are practical priorities as well. Rest needs to be a real priority, so it's not to sound super-spiritual or anything, but I think it's worthwhile to name and re-evaluate our priorities whenever we use lack of time as an excuse.