Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December, Everyone!

So October and November have passed without a single word on my blog. So tragic. Truth be told there are a lot of blogs I have thought of writing and so little time to write them. Getting engaged as I did on October 2, 2009, I've been a mite busy! Paul and I have successfully planned 90% of this wedding. Most of the decisions have been made and things are progressing quite nicely. But unfortunately this has had its share of casualties.

I am tired of thinking. Tired of lists. Tired of rehashing everything I've ever done and will ever need to get done. I want to sit still and let life happen instead of trying to make sure it all happens without a hitch. School is barreling towards completion (for at least the next 8 months), and I'm getting ready to take on an additional 16 hours of work and the secretarial duties of a whole new ministry at work. Meanwhile I'm trying to keep meat on my bones and a smile on my lips. The latter does not prove difficult, thankfully. I have wonderful friends and family. Paul is incredible, and my God is ever-present, faithful, and loving. Of what do I have to complain?

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  1. Did not hear about the engagement! Congrates! Can't wait to see the ring! Maybe next week! Love saying that! :)