Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Human Condition - Part One

I realize that every time I have an idea I want it to be hailed as pure genius. I want the people around me to be as excited as I am about whatever it is and jump at the opportunity to help me. Or when something happens or is about to happen that I'm excited about, I want others to rejoice with me and be as excited as I am.

More often than not, though, if I have an idea (that naturally I find brilliant), there are nay sayers around me being practical or saying things like "That's a nice idea." Or I get really excited about something and no one understands why, or there are people giving me reasons to calm down, and suddenly I find myself upset!

Then I realize I do the same to others. It's all a part of the human condition, I suppose. We have a tendency to dream and a tendency to dampen dreams. Naturally we need each other. We can't always go charging in, blades gleaming in the late afternoon sun, ready to slay any dragon that dare challenge us; sometimes we need to look at the castle's layout and determine the wisest route for our attack. But when I am being the one with feet firmly planted, I hope I can approach any idea with excitement, keeping the hope and joy of the person alive while they plan. And when my head's in the clouds, I hope I won't let necessary practicality dampen my hope and joy.

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  1. I hear ya! Although too often, I'm the dream-squelcher. Thanks for the reminder that it's always a good idea to offer support and excitement -- especially in the dreaming stage. Practical wisdom can come when the excitement isn't so fresh and fragile.