Tuesday, June 10, 2008

if only...

If I could work outside where the sun was always shining, the temperature a steady 75 degrees with a pleasant breeze, no fear of sunburn, melanoma or skin damage, I would be quite happy. Of course, it's kind of difficult to see a computer screen in direct sunlight... but then I would be sitting in the shade of a beautiful tree.

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  1. Kari and I have worked out that the best place to find this kind of climate is in the tropics at altitude. Normally we think of the tropics as hot, but we can get around that by locating our Intergalactic Headquarters at, say, 8000 ft above sea level. Then we just get the climatic stability, and not the heat or the humidity.

    Not sure what to tell you about the glare on the screen. Maybe the tree will work for you.