Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Class of 2008, you are dismissed!

My brother Stephen graduated from the United States Air Force Academy on Wednesday, May 28th. I am proud of him. I have loaded a few pictures and will load more as I get a few minutes to do so each evening. Please take a look - click on the link, from there you can view the "USAFA Graduation" and "Breckenridge" albums.

This has been one of the most memorable weeks of my life, one of those pivotal moments, it seems, in more ways than one. I am praising God for my family, His faithfulness to us, and the gifts He gives me each and every day. I am so thankful Paul was able to join me this week in celebrating with my family. I am thankful for Paul. I was reminded Sunday of the vital importance of praising God for all He gives. I praise Him for all my friends and family, people without whom I wouldn't be who I am or where I am.


  1. Carey Britton,
    Those are fantastic photos!! Thank you so much. Tell Paul, his of the "kids" is fabulous too.
    Love U, MoM~

  2. Carey,
    You don't know me, however, I work with your Father and he graciously forwarded on your blog link so that I could view the photos from your brother's graduation. I grew up a dependent of a career Air Force man (my father) and tailgating at the academy is now a tradition for my husband and I. What a wonderful gift of photography you have as I experienced such a resurgence of pride upon viewing your photos. I forwarded your link onto my husband (who digresses to the age of five whenever the aircraft fly over our home - which is freqent!). God's speed to you and your family on such a wonderous occasion!
    Cheryl Trobec