Friday, February 8, 2008

An ode to my morning

I'm a complicated woman,
And though I’m saved by grace,
There are those certain mornings
When I shouldn’t show my face.
By the time I’m up and moving,
I’ve thought of a dozen things
I really shouldn’t think about
Until it’s dawn in Beijing.
I feel I never have the time
To get ready and to work
Even when I’m early
I still can go berserk
I head on down to breakfast,
Too much on my mind
I ask a simple question
Not wanting an answer, I find.
When the answer I wasn’t wanting
Comes to me anyway,
I find my temper rising,
And my nerves begin to fray.
My mother has done nothing
She’s only trying to help
I know I’m over-reacting
But I can’t control my yelp.
My tone begins to sharpen
As I try to calm myself
There are so many topics
We should leave up on the shelf.
As the seconds tick by faster
And I know my hair’s still wet
I determine I must get going
There’s no real reason to fret.
I chastise my own behavior
As I quickly blow-dry my mane
Reminding myself I’m cruel,
Ridiculous and lame.
As I grab my bag and keys,
Shove my feet into my shoes,
I hurry out the door
Still curt, a little rude.
I remind myself again
That though I’m saved by grace
I am far from perfect
A fact that I must face.
I am a work in progress
As I struggle to succeed
I want to be a godly woman
Clothed in strength and dignity.
So I offer my apologies
To all of you who see
Sometimes I simply relate too well
To my pet, Itch: one very sassy bee.


  1. Oh, your pet Itch. She was Itching to be made literary, huh? ;)

    Reading this, I am reminded of how thankful I am that my brother is gone by the time I get up in the morning. Although I'm pretty sure he'd just ignore me and all would be well.

    Did you call your mom and say 'sorry'?

  2. I have to say I really like the play on words in the last line. I dunno if "Pet Itch" is a stock phrase of yours, but it works well here.