Friday, February 15, 2008

Not meant to work alone

As a secretary I create a lot of posters. Sometimes I do a really bad job and sometimes I amaze myself (whether other people are amazed, I don't know since I can only speak for myself). Unfortunately the bad drafts always come first. I have learned not to create posters when I'm in a bad mood or I have been stressed for a while because those are truly scary.

Wednesday I created a poster I was quite happy with for the junior high ministry's next Tuesday night series (Not Alone) and sent a jpeg to our junior high guy - the image is above. He liked it, but was picturing something else. So he asked if I could get a different picture, one of someone walking alone.

I admit I was skeptical, it painted a totally different picture in my head, but if I have learned anything in my 2 years at this job it is that I am often wrong, I need to have other's opinions and the picture on the poster is important - it sets the stage for a lot of impressions. So I went in search of a more suitable picture. In my hunt I discovered the image that follows (thank you, iStockphoto). I loved it because I knew I could make the picture itself the poster - all I needed to do was add text. It is simple and powerful.

I look at this image and the words on the page and I want to stand in front of a hundred people and teach on this topic!!

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  1. I think Anne Lammott's essay on "Sh***y First Drafts" applies to just about anything that requires creativity. Being creative is not like solving a math problem ... there isn't a right answer and, if there is, you're not going to find it the first time.

    I'm guessing that the experience you've had creating (and re-creating) posters will in the end make you a better writer.

    And that second poster ROCKS.