Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Year's Top Ten

Due to my job and ministry schedules, I have chosen to date my "year" from Senior Salute to Senior Salute (May 2, 2009-May 8, 2010). Here, in order of appearance, are my top ten most memorable moments:

  1. Watching Stephen play Brom Bones in Sleepy Hollow.
  2. Brien and Andria's wedding.
  3. Summer Camp - specifically hanging out with my cabin!!!!, playing cards with Rachel, and my very long walk (and awesome view of the waterfall) with Isabelle!
  4. Lake Powell (Too many moments, I decided this needed another blog entry)
  5. Watching Laura star in Pygmalion
  6. Bridal Showers, wedding dress shopping, all that went into putting together our wedding
  7. Our Wedding Day (spending time with my bridesmaids!!! and FAMILY and of course marrying my husband :o)
  8. Jamaica (7&8 deserve their own blog entries too!)
  9. Praying for Laura and Kara the last night of i2i
  10. Encouraging, praying with and speaking into Kara's life at the Salute
I'm looking forward to all the moments in this new year!

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