Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I REALLY need to vent

  • I'm sitting in a library on campus and I'm freezing.
  • I'm hungry but only for the things in the blessed world that are bad for me.
  • I can't seem to get my ring to stop twirling around on my cold skinny finger.
  • I didn't take a shower this morning and my hair is doing strange things.
  • I really want to be reading but I keep thinking of everything I've forgotten to do for the retreat that's coming up in less than 2 weeks.
  • I want to take a nap because for some reason, though I've gotten more than 8 hours of sleep the past TWO nights, I'm really, really tired.
  • I can't stop coughing and it's starting to tick me off.
  • I'm just ticked off.
  • I'm sitting here at 12:20 fully aware of the fact that I have 2 hours until I have class - a really, really annoying class that I don't understand the point of - and then I have to go back to work.
  • I can't get comfortable.
  • Have I mentioned I'm cold?
  • I really want some gluten or some sugar or some cheese or something.
  • I can't seem to get a hold of the churches I need to get a hold of and I'm sitting in a library on the "talk on your cell and die" floor.
  • Did you know Myriad Pro Black costs over $30? (that's a font)
  • I tried making the title of this blog "i REALLY need to vent" but had to go back and capitalize the "I"
  • I just want to cry and run until I collapse to the ground, out of strength and motivation, sobbing and praying for mercy.
  • The first time I went to college I didn't see the point. I still don't. Only now I'm nearly 10 years older.
  • I want my life to have purpose and meaning and all that good stuff.
  • I know my life does have purpose and meaning but I'm going through a time here (they usually last a few days) when I can't seem to convince myself that it's true.
  • I took the light rail to class today, that means I'll be late to work probably.
  • I'm wasting time.
  • I hate wasting time.
  • I really want to scream, but I'm sitting in a library.
  • Not that I'd scream anyway.
  • Maybe I'll just cry. I can do that quietly, right?
  • I need a hug.
  • Crap I'm starting to get a headache.
  • I need prayer.
  • I don't logically understand evolution and I don't get it that I'm supposed to.
  • Survival of the fittest makes sense until they start talking about monkeys.
  • Well, technically it's not monkeys, it's apes.
  • Today I learned that people in cold climates are stockier (at least it's a theory due to volume and surface area ratios). I shouldn't live here. I'm cold.
  • I have a feeling some of the people in my life will read this and not understand that I'm just venting.
  • I'm just venting.
  • I love my life.
  • I'm having a crappy day.
  • There's another word for crappy that I should just use.
  • I'm having a shitty day but only in my head.
  • There's no reason, really, they just come.
  • Thankfully they go, too.
  • I'm running out of steam.
  • I just want to love people and be loved and feel like I have something to offer this world.


  1. I love you, too! And I feel loved by you. And I think you have a lot to offer this world.

    I know you're just venting, but I also know that it's days like this when you (specific YOU, not the general you) most need encouragement.

    Be encouraged. You are made of awesome and you're existence reflects awesomeness into the world.

    P.S. I don't logically understand evolution, either. Do you think there are more of us out there? I hope so.