Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What if...

This morning I was toying with this idea: what if everyone got into the voting booth and couldn't vote for McCain OR Obama? So at random we all picked the same man and he rose to power with the support of 100% of the country...yipes. Silly idea, but I enjoyed toying with it. It's a good plot for a bad movie :o)

Then when I voted this morning I was looking at all the names and parties that are running for president (had no clue there were SO MANY), and saw a man and his running mate with "Boston Tea" listed as their party affiliation. Naturally my brain immediately put it together - they are from the "Boston Tea Party" (a political party that does exist, actually, it was created in 2006). I had a nice chuckle.

On my walk home from voting, I thought it so clever I decided he would be the one to rise out of the rubble of everyone's confidence crushing beneath the pressure to vote for one of two parties - a battle that has brought more division to our nation in the past year than we could ever have desired. Because when our pens stayed and the bubbles next to those two remained empty and we looked desperately for another choice we might just think that a party that can be so clever might have something to offer. Of course we'd probably be wrong.

Good thing this life is only temporary and that my imagination doesn't create reality.

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