Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One small step for man... giant leap for Carey-kind: This morning I was 4 minutes early to work.

I was early despite the fact it snowed last night. Monday afternoon, after arriving at work 30 minutes late again and kicking myself for it, I finally decided it was time to retire my 8.5 year old alarm clock (the one I purchased my first semester in college, the one I am so good at ignoring), and replace it with something a little more versatile. My new alarm clock (pictured) has a volume control and an AM/FM radio and a snooze that you can make longer or shorter (all of these features, so common to so many are BRAND NEW to's been 8.5 years since I bought an alarm clock). So I did something I never thought I would ever want to do: I set my alarm to radio. The talking that is on the station I chose (for an entire hour - I thought people listened to music in the mornings too!!), is so annoying that I become quite alert, and once alert I immediately begin thinking about my day and realize why I set my alarm to the annoying talking: I want to get to work on time, yes even more than I want to stay warm and snuggly.

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  1. one Giant leap for Southern Gables Student Ministries...hee hee!