Thursday, September 27, 2007


Here is evidence of what happens to me when I go to bed in a good mood, have a glorious morning as I did this morning (woke up early - had time to eat, go on a walk, read a chapter in my book, look at what I'm teaching in Bible Study tonight), and then have a chance to chat with a good friend. This is a selection from a conversation I had over the course of the entire day with my friend from Leadville (who by the way is very cool and gave me permission to do this). I removed the first half - wherever it says "later" it really is later - I was working

me: has it snowed up there yet?
are you burried under a couple of feet of it yet?
i forgot salt again
I think I'm in an odd mood
Ann: No snow here yet
me: bummer
Ann: Yeah, I know
I half am bummed and half not.
Early snow melts
me: I was being sarcastic
Ann: I'm afraid the first snow will stick till spring.
me: I'm being productive today - that usually puts me in an odd mood
Ann: Nice
Productive is great!
me: that's what I've heard
I dunno.....
Ooh, I ordered North by Northwest through Netflix and it should come today
so excited!
I haven't seen that movie in years
me: I think these rice tortilla chips just get crunchier the longer they sit in a bag
Ann: lol
You are being very random.
me: only because you're not here seeing my incredibly crunchy chips
I think I lost a tooth
me: is the plural of monkey really monkeys??????????
Ann: yes it is
me: weird
who came up with this language??
Ann: God?
me: God did not make the plural of Monkey Monkeys
the Tower of Babel was a long time ago
the language has evolved and gone haywire
Ann: yeah
I might be able to look that up

Enough said....

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